About me

Manuel Benchico studied art and design at the Rhein-Sieg-Kunstakademie in Hennef/Bonn, Germany. In the first semesters, Benchico developed its first calligraphy works in combination with digital media and had its first exhibitions in the Cologne / Bonn area. His curiosity to express himself in many different art forms is still reflected in his work today. The joy of experimenting to combine different techniques in order to create and develop something new is part of his trademark.

Benchico’s works depict mankind in a distorted and deformed way in our fast-paced and technologized world. The human being as a “glitch” in a digital new world that is changing our society and evolving human nature.

Inspired by works of artists like Zdzisław Beksiński, Nicola Samori and Lucian Freud, Benchicos work deals with themes such as mythology, religion, calligraphy and social topics in a neo-expressionistic style.